Healing Noise (EP) (Free Download)

by Der Sandmann

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Healing noise - There is a lot of talk about healing in these times, a little bug has come to remind us that we must heal ourselves and our land. How can we do it? Beyond taking vitamins, washing our hands and taking health measures seriously, so important to take care of each other; Healing is the responsibility of each one, it implies a trip to our interior visiting our depths, integrating what we reject the most, so we can even accelerate the process of collective consciousness.

But what is healing? Is it the constant search for enlightenment? Or the steady cold application of science? No, to heal we need to go beyond light and science, not because they are not important, but because it takes the courage to wallow in one's own darkness and come face to face with the monsters within, to know our totality. be and heal together. Healing noise will help us to go down to that darkness to confront with our own beasts and invite them to dance with us, accepting that shadow and integrating it into our being, as dual beings that we are.

In this album we will find a contrast of sounds, noises and melodies that will help us to feel in our body that light and that darkness that converge on ourselves. Through the psychomagic act of dancing we can venture to know and integrate our shadow. The vibration of sound will take us into our darkest depths awakening our inner monsters to dance with us, transmuting feelings of pain and anger through mantras and sacred melodies. This album is an invitation to integrate that side that we reject so much, because if we don't do that work and continue to lock up our beast, it will come out at any unexpected moment to sabotage us.

Instead we can use the strength of our demons to our advantage. Using sound we can raise our vibration and even strengthen our immune system, helping us to feel that intense inner work in the body. The moment we integrate our monsters, they become guardians, because finally that shadow is there to protect us and it has done very well so far, it is time to embrace and recognize it. It is in the dark that we can see the stars shine.

Healing noise is not only a metaphor for duality in life and an invitation to take charge of our healing through dance, taking advantage of the catharsis caused by noise and the memories that sound moves us, to accept our demons and dance with them towards joy and happiness.
It is also a reminder that we must transcend fear and face it to vibrate higher, without neglecting the measures of mutual care because, when we vibrate high there is no virus or monster that sabotages us because we see in him a friend and ally that reminds us both our fragility and our strength.

We are therefore invited to go down to our abyss with healing noise, to re-inhabit that darkness and with it dance towards the light, we have to dance with the demons themselves for a while, until we can dance collectively again! May healing reach us all!

Aho!!! Namaste! /|\


released April 2, 2021

W&P - Francisco Ortega (Der Sandmann)

Text - Fine Mahla

Artwork - Der Sandmann

Mastering - Biolab Studio

P.S - This is a free release and if you find that it has a price on it please get in touch with us at sacredsoundrecords@gmail.com and let us know!
Most likely our credits are over and you will help us to keep it free <3


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